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mardi 27 novembre 2018
par  Eric Vilain

BAKUNIN AGAINST INSURRECTIONISM, followed by "Translator epilogue"

Translator introduction
Anarchism has a history. It has changed over time, and has been different in different places. There is a ’mainstream’ of the movement, a socialism that is decentralist and believes in the self-organization of the people as workers and as citizens. Yet there has always (...)

samedi 3 février 2018
par  Eric Vilain

“Science & Society”, Mr A. H. Nimtz & Bakunin (revised)

Cercle d’Études libertaires Gaston-Leval

The paperback version on this text can be bought at :

vendredi 3 novembre 2017
par  Eric Vilain

James Guillaume : “Karl Marx Pan-German and the International Workers’ Association” (1915)

James Guillaume wrote in 1914 a small book, published in 1915, entitled Karl Marx Pan-German and the International Workers’ Association from 1864 to 1870.
In English-speaking anarchist literature, the qualification of “Pan-Germanist" carried by Bakunin and his friends against Marx often seems to (...)

lundi 11 septembre 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Comments on “The First International and the Development of Anarchism and Marxism” by Wayne Price

This text is a commentary of the contribution of Wayne Price recently
published on anarkismo.net, « The First International and the
Development of Anarchism and Marxism »
Wayne made a review of my book (among others) : Social Democracy
and Anarchism (...)

mardi 2 mai 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Bakuninist hatchet job

On December 10 2015 this paper published Dave Douglass’s rave review of René Berthier’s Social democracy and anarchism in the International Workers’ Association 1864-1877.
The review led me to buy and read the book myself. I thought it was (...)