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mardi 27 novembre 2018
par  Eric Vilain

BAKUNIN AGAINST INSURRECTIONISM, followed by "Translator epilogue"

Translator introduction
Anarchism has a history. It has changed over time, and has been different in different places. There is a ’mainstream’ of the movement, a socialism that is decentralist and believes in the self-organization of the people as workers and as citizens. Yet there has always (...)

lundi 27 août 2018
par  Eric Vilain

CONCERNING “BLACK FLAME” : "Anarchism and Social Change"

Schmidt and van der Walt provided their own explanatory framework, which is no less artfcial and just as unconvincing as Sébasten Faure’s. While the frst wanted to make a synthesis of the diferent currents of the anarchist movement, the two South Africans proceed at the same tme by exclusion and (...)

lundi 27 août 2018
par  Eric Vilain

CONCERNING “BLACK FLAME” : Digression on anarchism and syndicalism

To mechanically link the foundaton of revolutonary syndicalism to the founding of the CGT in 1895 is a mistake. At this date, the new organizaton is very weak, small, not very actve, without real structuring and stll tainted by the Guesdist iniuence of the Natonal Federaton of Trade Unions. At (...)

dimanche 25 mars 2018
par  Eric Vilain


No doubt Schmidt and van der Walt are aware of the extreme complexity of the history of the anarchist movement and of the surprising variety of approaches from which the various authors of the movement have considered the questions of doctrine. No doubt Black Flame is an attempt to find (...)

samedi 3 février 2018
par  Eric Vilain

“Science & Society”, Mr A. H. Nimtz & Bakunin (revised)

Cercle d’Études libertaires Gaston-Leval

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