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mardi 2 mai 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Bakuninist hatchet job

On December 10 2015 this paper published Dave Douglass’s rave review of René Berthier’s Social democracy and anarchism in the International Workers’ Association 1864-1877.
The review led me to buy and read the book myself. I thought it was (...)

samedi 3 décembre 2016
par  Eric Vilain

IAIN McKAY REVIEW : René Berthier, "Social Democracy and Anarchism in the International Workers’ Association 1864-1877"

SOURCE : file :///C :/Users/REN 1/AppData/Local/Temp/as24.2_06reviews-1.pdf
René Berthier (trans. A.W. Zurbrugg), Social Democracy and Anarchism in the International Workers’ Association 1864-1877 Talgarth, Brecon : The Merlin Press, 2015 ; 256pp ; ISBN 9780850367195
This is an excellent work, (...)

jeudi 3 novembre 2016
par  Eric Vilain

Robert Graham : We Still Do Not Fear Anarchy and René Berthier’s comment

The quote in the title is taken from Bakunin himself, who first publicly identified himself as an anarchist in 1868, around the time that he joined the International. It is surprising then that in another book along similar lines, René Berthier argues that the anarchist movements that emerged (...)

lundi 5 septembre 2016
par  Eric Vilain

SYNDICALISM The Modern Menace to Capitalism

IN view of the fact that the ideas embodied in Syndicalism have been practised by the workers for the last half century, even if without the background of social consciousness ; that in this country five men had to pay with their lives because they advocated Syndicalist methods as the most (...)

mardi 22 mars 2016
par  Eric Vilain

Social-democracy & Anarchism. — About Mike Macnair and hatchets

The same way I oppose the grotesque visions some anarchists have about Marxismm, I have always opposed the simplistic vision of the « good » Anarchist on one side, and the « bad » Marxist the other. However, when I describe the repeated attempts of the federalists, after the Saint-Imier Congress, (...)