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Alliance syndicaliste – Solidarité ouvrière
Putting the record straight on Mikhail Bakunin (1976)
Article published on 7 April 2012

by Eric Vilain

This text was a translation from the French, and was published in English in the Libertarian Communist Review, no. 2, 1976. It is an excellent discussion of Bakunin, his method and his views on issues like dual organisationalism and taking power. Therefore it merits more exposure to contemporary militants.

Original English introduction

The following text is a translation from the French. It comes from Solidarité Ouvriere, the monthly paper of the Alliance Syndicaliste Revolutionnaire et Anarcho-syndicaliste. We have many criticisms of syndicalism, and this includes its anarcho-syndicalist variant. However, the ASRAS, in its reassessment of the libertarian movement, its commitment to revolutionary class politics and to a materialist dialectic, represents one of the more worthwhile and progressive libertarian groups in France, along with the Organisation Communiste Libertaire and the Collectif pour un Union des Travailleurs Communiste Libertaire.