Bakunin Politics

Translation of Bakounine politique, révolution et contre-révolution en Europe centrale, Éditions du Monde libertaire, 1991.
This is in no way a litteral translation but, 28 years after its publication, a re-interpretation of the original text

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vendredi 19 janvier 2018
par  Eric Vilain

Bakunin Politics. — Chapter 5. GERMANY AND RUSSIA

The text entitled “Germany and Russia” is inspired by Chapter 5 of my Bakounine Politique, Révolution et contre-révolution en Europe centrale, published in 1991 by the Éditions du Monde libertaire. However, I did not limit myself to a literal translation of this chapter 5, which simply served as a (...)

mardi 24 octobre 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Chapter 4. – Bakunin, The French Revolution as Archetype : 1848 or the Failed 1789 of the German Bourgeoisie

Unlike its French counterpart, the German bourgeois was incapable of thinking in national terms. Timorous, hesitant in practice, they displayed in the places where they talked – especially cabarets, says Bakunin – extravagant goals that irritated him to the highest degree. They fell into the most (...)

vendredi 13 octobre 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Chapter 1 – Bakunin : Genesis of German liberalism

From Chapter 1 of
Bakounine politique, révolution et contre révolution en Europe centrale,
René Berthier,
Éditions du Monde libertaire, 1991

dimanche 24 septembre 2017
par  Eric Vilain

Chapter 6. – German Social-Democracy.

Bakunin was accused of saying that there was connivance between Marx and Bismarck. This is totally false. On the contrary, he says : “Far be it from me to establish a shadow of conscious solidarity between M. von Bismarck and the leaders of the Party of Socialist Workers’ Democracy of Germany ! (...)