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Social-democracy & Anarchism. — About Mike Macnair and hatchets
Comments on «Bakuninist hatchet job» (
Article published on 22 March 2016
last modification on 17 May 2016

by Eric Vilain

The same way I oppose the grotesque visions some anarchists have about Marxismm, I have always opposed the simplistic vision of the «good» Anarchist on one side, and the «bad» Marxist the other. However, when I describe the repeated attempts of the federalists, after the Saint-Imier Congress, who insistently proposed to establish a rapprochement with the German Social-Democrats, and when I see that these repeated attempts led to failures due to the sectarianism of German social-democrat leaders, you can’t expect me to consider them as «good guys». I must add that the grassroots German socialist activists are not concerned by these accusations. Bakunin despised the German Social-Democratic leaders about whom he said all there was to say 40 years before Lenin. But he had an immense respect for the German workers.

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