“Science & Society”, Mr A. H. Nimtz & Bakunin

samedi 3 février 2018
par  Eric Vilain
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“Marxist analysis of Bakunin is, it appears, predetermined by the less
than flattering analysis of the master (...). Indeed, Marxist arguments
against Bakunin are clearly identifiable as arguments from authority
(every possible pun intended). Thus Bakunin emerges as a ‘voluntarist’
with no understanding of political economy or the workings of capital,
that is to say, as an impatient and ‘apolitical’ ‘bandit’ and a theoretical
‘ignoramus’ — for the simple reason that he dares to disagree with the
historically disputed and, as I will argue, philosophically tenuous
doctrine, as he dared to cross Marx in his revolutionary activity. This
damning indictment of Bakunin is made in spite of the fact that not one
Marxist has actually conducted an in-depth analysis of the theoretical
writings of Bakunin. Hence one might accuse Marxist scholars of being,
at the very least, uninformed.”
Paul McLaughlin. Mikhail Bakunin :
the philosophical basis of his anarchism.
Algora Publishing

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