CONCERNING “BLACK FLAME” : Digression on anarchism and syndicalism

lundi 27 août 2018
par  Eric Vilain
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To mechanically link the foundaton of revolutonary syndicalism to the founding of the CGT in 1895 is a mistake. At this date, the new organizaton is very weak, small, not very actve, without real structuring and stll tainted by the Guesdist iniuence of the Natonal Federaton of Trade Unions. At its foundaton, “the CGT seemed stllborn,” writes Jacques Julliard9, adding that the day afer its founding congress in Limoges, “it was not without difculty that the CGT succeeded in consttutng an embryo of organizaton” ! At that tme, the “real business” was going on in the “Bourses du travail”. So we are far from the mythology of revolutonary syndicalism usually conveyed in texts intended to support this or that these.


CONCERNING “BLACK FLAME” : Anarchism and Social change


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